2021 2nd International Youth Scientist Forum (IYSF 2021)
Prof. Zhimin Ao



Zhimin Ao, Professor

Guangdong University of Technology

Zhimin Ao, a male, born in 1981, is a doctor, professor and doctoral supervisor. He is a young talent introduced in the Recruitment Program of Global Experts and an associate professor of the “Hundred Talents Program” of Guangdong University of Technology. He graduated from Jilin University with a Ph.D. and currently works in the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology, mainly engaging in the research of surface/interface adsorption, catalytic behavior and catalytic mechanism in the environmental pollution control process.

Currently, Dr. Ao has published more than 150 SCI papers in Matter, Advanced Functional Materials, ACS Nano, Environmental Science & Technology, Water Research, ACS Catalysis, and Applied Catalysis B-Environmental in the fields of environment, chemistry and materials, including more than 80 papers published as first and corresponding authors, with more than 6800 citations and H = 39.

He has completed and presided over more than 10 projects, including the Recruitment Program of Global Experts for youth, General Programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Youth Program, and the Key Project of Guangdong Science and Technology Program. He was selected as a Fellow of the International Society for Advanced Materials (ISAM) and the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, and has been awarded the Medal of the International Society for Advanced Materials (ISAM) and the Environmental Chemistry Young Scientists Award of Chinese Chemical Letters.

Besides, Dr. Ao is an associate editor of Frontiers in Nanotechnology, and an editorial member of six international Journals including Chinese Chemical Letters and Frontiers in Physical Chemistry. He also serves as a reviewer of more than 60 international SCI Journals including Nature Communications, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Advanced Materials, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, and Materials Horizons.