2021 2nd International Youth Scientist Forum (IYSF 2021)
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The symposium will invite young scholars and academic leaders to participate and make the professional reports. The four parallel sessions with main symposium will build a platform for experts and scholars, teachers and students, science and scientific researchers and other related personnel engaged in new energy, new materials, resources and environment, artificial intelligence and computer engineering, mechanical and electronic information technology to exchange.

The committee will collect the paper and complete the day-to-day organization. All paper review process will be done by the committee members and invited experts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Organizing Secretary: Ms. Mai

E-mail: contact@iysf.org

Tel: +86-13922151732

Wechat: 13922151732

QQ: 1465084071


Parallel Sessions Secretary

Academic Symposium on New Energy and New Material (NENM 2021)

Secretary: Ms. Deng

Tel/WeChat: 18818846285     

QQ Number: 1359308739

E-mail:  nenm2021@163.com


Academic Symposium on Sources and Envinronmental Protection (SEP 2021) 

Secretary: Ms. Liao

Tel/WeChat: 13902493114  

QQ Number: 1055374343

E-mail: iysf_sep@163.com


Academic Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering (AICE 2021)

Secretary: Mr. Chen

Tel/WeChat: 18922115477

QQ Number: 1279952597

E-mail: iysf_aice@163.com     


Academic Symposium on Mechanical and Electronic Information Technology (MEIT 2021)

Secretary: Ms. Lv

Tel/WeChat: 13798148224

QQ Number: 3326203643

E-mail: iysf_meit@163.com