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|| Academic Committee Chair of IYSF 2021


Hua Li, Professor, Xi'an Shiyou University

Hua Li, male from Shangluo, Shaanxi, was born in September 1962. He started to work in July 1983. He is member of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Deputy Director of Educational Technology Committee and member of the Standing Committee of the Democratic Progressive Shaanxi Provincial Committee. As Doctor of Science, he is also Professor, Doctoral Mentor and Vice President of Xi'an Shiyou University.

Hua Li studied chemistry for his Bachelor’s degree in Yan'an University from September 1979 to July 1983. He got his Master of Science from September 1985 to July 1988 and his Doctorate of Science with Researcher Qiang Su and Researcher Lu Xu as his mentors from September 1993 to July 1996 in Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. From July 1996 to December 1997, he conducted post-doctoral research with Hong Gao, Professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences as his mentor. Later, he served as a visiting professor in the Center for Process Analytical Chemistry, University of Washington from 1998 to 1999. During his work in the United States, Li was sponsored by the U.S. National Defense Research Fund, paid a short-term visit and gave lectures in the U.S. Naval Laboratory (NRL) and Arizona State University. He served as visiting professor in Masaryk University, Czech Republic from September 2000 to July 2001, and in the Institute of Applied Chemistry, University of Reutlingen from September to December 2001. Besides, he studied in the special training class for management and operation cadres at Ritsumeikan University, China, from September to October 2007.

Hua Li conducted research on bioanalytical chemistry and process analysis, energetic materials, green energy chemistry and processes. He presided over 7 research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the national major instrument and equipment development special sub-project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the major special project of the National Defense Science and Industry Commission and the National Defense 973 Sub-Project. Besides, he published over 200 papers in Chem. Sci., Anal. Chem., Chem. Commun., Electrophoresis, and other journals at home and abroad. There are more than 130 papers of them being accepted by SCI, showing that he is globally influential in the research work in related fields. He has been invited for many times to well-known universities at home and abroad as well as national laboratory for a visit and giving lectures. He served as member of the academic committee of international academic conferences held at home and abroad for many times. He is one of the reviewers for such famous international academic journals as Electrophoresis, Journal of Chromatography A, Anal. Chim. Acta, Anal. Chem., Talanta in the research field of chemometrics and chemoinformatics. He won the Excellence Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dean Scholarship in 1996 and the second Shaanxi Youth Science and Technology Award in 1998. In 2001, he was awarded as an outstanding overseas student in Shaanxi Province. He won ten science and technology awards. For instance, in 2006, he won the first prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology Award (ranked first) and in 2008, he won the second prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology Award (ranked second). He has supervised 14 doctoral students and more than 40 master students, and now supervises more than 10 postdoctoral, doctoral and master students.


Rongjun Zhang, Professor, Xi'an Shiyou University

Rongjun Zhang, male, born in November 1968, is from Dezhou, Shandong Province. He is doctor in engineering, professor, and currently the member of the party committee and vice president of Xi'an Shiyou University.

In July 1992, Prof. Zhang got his bachelor's degree in oil extraction engineering from Xi'an Shiyou University and stay in the university to teach in the same year. In July 2003, He got master's degree in oil and gas field development engineering from Xi'an Shiyou University. In June 2008, he got doctor's degree in oil and gas field geology and development engineering from Northwestern University. Between February 2016 and February 2017, Prof. Zhang served as a visiting scholar in University of Calgary (Canada).

Prof. Zhang had served as director of the Basic Laboratory and director of the General Office of the Department of Oilfield Development of Xi'an Shiyou University, deputy secretary of the party committee of College of Petroleum Engineering, director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office (Office for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), dean of College of International Education, and director of the Science and Technology Office in Xi'an Shiyou University. In April 2021, Prof. Zhang was appointed as a member of the party committee and vice president of Xi'an Shiyou University. He is also the deputy director of the academic committee of Xi'an Shiyou University, president of Oversea-educated Student Association, member of SPE, director of Shaanxi Petroleum Society, director of Shaanxi Western Returned Scholars Association (Canada Branch), and editorial board member of the journal Special Oil and Gas Reservoirs.

Prof. Zhang has long been engaged in teaching and scientific research in physicochemical seepage, reservoir engineering and recovery enhancement theory and technology in oil and gas field development engineering. He lectures on "reservoir engineering", "seepage mechanics" and "introduction to petroleum industry", and has won the first prize for teaching quality in Xi'an Shiyou University. In recent years, he has presided over and participated in more than 40 scientific research projects such as the National Key Research and Development Program of China, National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, "Eleventh Five-Year " National Science and Technology Support Program, Shaanxi Science and Technology Breakthrough Program, etc. He has also published 4 monographs and more than 60 papers (9 of which were indexed by SCI and EI) in academic journals at home and abroad, such as "Acta Petrolei Sinica", "Petroleum Exploration and Development", "Molecules", etc. As for his awards, Prof. Zhang won 2 second prizes and 1 third prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress Award, 3 first prize and 2 second prizes of Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress Award of Higher Education Institutions, and obtained 2 invention patents.

|| Academic Committee Members

Xiangdong DingProfessor, Changjiang ScholarXi'an Jiaotong University
Shujiang DingProfessor, New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of EducationXi'an Jiaotong University
Jichao QiaoProfessor, Provincial Distinguished Young ScholarNorthwestern Polytechnical University
Wei LiuProfessor, National Excellent Young Scholar, Humboldt ScholarNanjing University of Science & Technology
Cheng QuanProfessor, Outstanding Young Scientific and Technological Talents of Ministry of Land and Resources of the People's Republic of ChinaChang'an University
Xifei LiProfessor, National Candidate of the "Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand" Talents ProgramXi'an University of Technology
Peiyue LiProfessor, Young Changjiang Scholar, Young Top-notch Talent of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPCChang'an University
Shengsi SunProfessor, National Distinguished Young Scholars, Provincial Outstanding Young ScholarNorthwestern University
Yu GuProfessor, Foreign Fellow Russian Academy of Natural SciencesGoethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Haiyang SongProfessor, New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education, Provincial Young and Middle-aged Leading Talents of Scientific & Technological InnovationXi'an Shiyou University
Yanhong SheProfessor, Provincial Outstanding Young ScholarXi'an Shiyou University
Zhendong ShaProfessor, Provincial Distinguished Young ScholarXi'an Jiaotong University
Jianghua ShenProfessor, National High-level PersonnelNorthwestern Polytechnical University
Wensong ZhangProfessor, National Ten Thousand Talents PlanXi'an Herch Opto Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhifei ZhangProfessor, National Distinguished Young Scholar, Changjiang Scholar, National Ten Thousand Talents PlanNorthwestern University
Yongqiang ZhangSenior Engineer, Chief EngineerXi'an LONGi New Energy Co.,Ltd.
Zhiping ZhangProfessor, Provincial Distinguished Young ScholarXi'an Shiyou University
Haidong FanProfessor, Young Changjiang Scholar, National Excellent Young ScholarSichuan University
Xingyou LangProfessor, National Excellent Young Scholar, National Ten Thousand Talents Plan, New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of EducationJilin University
Yongxi ZhaoProfessor, Young Changjiang Scholar, Provincial Distinguished Young ScholarXi'an Jiaotong University
Qinghua HuProfessor, National Distinguished Young ScholarTianjin University
Zhimin AoProfessor, National High-level PersonnelGuangdong University of Technology
Tao SuoProfessor, National Distinguished Young Scholar, Young Changjiang Scholar, National Excellent Young ScholarNorthwestern Polytechnical University
Yuhua QianProfessor, National Excellent Young ScholarShanxi University
Xinjun LuanProfessor, National Distinguished Young Scholar, National Excellent Young ScholarNorthwestern University
Yazhou GuoProfessor, National Excellent Young ScholarNorthwestern Polytechnical University
Weisheng DongProfessor, Young Changjiang Scholar, National Excellent Young Scholar, National Ten Thousand Talents PlanXidian University
Yingfeng HanProfessor, National Distinguished Young Scholar, National Ten Thousand Talents PlanNorthwestern University
Dongjing Fu
Professor, Young Changjiang Scholar, Award Winners of For Woman in ScienceNorthwestern University
Honglan QiProfessor, National Excellent Young ScholarShaanxi Normal University
Yujie XiongProfessor, National Distinguished Young Scholar, Changjiang Scholar, National Ten Thousand Talents PlanUniversity of Science and Technology of China



Associate Professor, Senior Editor, Top 2% Scientists Worldwide by Stanford University, USAGovernment College University, Lahore, Pakistan
Nawishta JabeenAssistant Professor, Research CoordinatorThe University of Lahore, Sub-campus Sargodha, Department of Physics
Sin Jin ChungAssistant ProfessorDepartment of PetroChemical Engineering, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia
Lam Sze MunAssistant ProfessorUniversiti Tunku Abdul Rahman



Doctor, International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program 2019Wuhan University
Ling CenSenior Research Fellow,Expert on Artifitial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Knowledge DiscoveryUAE British Telecom Innovation Center



Assistant professor, Dynamics and Control, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering DepartmentSultan Qaboos University
Saleh MobayenAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Tabriz