2021 2nd International Youth Scientist Forum (IYSF 2021)
Prof. Yazhou Guo



Yazhou Guo, Professor

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Yazhou Guo, a male, born in 1981, is a doctor, professor and doctoral supervisor. Dr. Guo is the recipient of the Outstanding Youth Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. His main research interests are dynamic mechanical behavior and failure mechanism of materials/structures, impact dynamics test technology, impact resistance design of aircraft structures, etc. In recent years, he has published more than 50 papers in PRL, JMPS and other internationally acclaimed academic journals. And he has presided over 5 National Natural Science Foundation of China projects and 3 National 863 projects. He won the Science and Technology Award First Class Award of the Ministry of Education, the Shaanxi Science and Technology Award First Class Award, the Higher Education Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Science and Technology) First Class Award, and the Youth Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi. He was awarded the Outstanding Young Scholar in Explosive Mechanics by the Chinese Society of Mechanics, Outstanding New Talent and Outstanding Young Scholar by Northwestern Polytechnic University. Besides, he is a member of the 8th and 9th councils of the Youth Working Committee of the Chinese Society for Materials Research, and a member of the Explosive Mechanics Experimental Technology Group of the Chinese Society of Mechanics. He also serves as the young editorial member of the Chinese Journal of Solid Mechanics, Modern Applied Physics, Metrology and Measurement Technology, Current Mechanics and Advanced Materials, etc.